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 Full Text of S. 1723 (H-1B Cap Bill) Passed by Senate (5-18-98)
Click again on "Full Text Bill" and then on "3. American Competitiveness Act(Passed by Senate)[S.1723ES]"
 S.1723 Highlights
 Report of the Senate Judiciary Committee on S.1723
 ABLI: High Skill Worker Shortage Affects U.S. Ability to Compete
 Cypress CEO to Support H-1B Immigration in Senate
 IEEE: Let Free Market Solve High-Tech Workforce Imbalance
 ITAA Calls on Congress to Raise Cap for Temporary Workers


 Chairman Brownback's Comments To DOL's H-1B Regulations (4-23-01)
 Letter From Senators Abraham and Graham In Response To DOL's Interim H-1B Regulations (January 1, 2001)
 H-1B Regulations: AILA Summary of Provisions of General Applicability
 H-1B Regulations: AILA Summary Of Provisions Relating To "H-1B Dependent" Employees
 DOL Letter Re: "Single Employer" Rule (2-21-01)
 H-1B Regulations (Part 1)
 H-1B Regulations (Part 2)
 H-1B Regulations (Part 3)
 Three-Page LCA


 INS Regulations Implementing Law (2-29-00)

View the complete text of the H-1B law as signed by President Clinton on October 21, 1998.

If the full text version puts you to sleep, you might wish to read the excellent section-by-section summary of the H-1B law and the highlights of the law, both of which were prepared by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.