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Adjustment of Status

 USCIS Memo Clarifies Section 245(k)'s Application to 245(c) for Certain Employment-based Applications (7-14-08)   PDF
 How Do I Become a Lawful Permanent Resident While In The United States? (USCIS)


 How Do I Get a Work Permit (EAD)?
 Two-Year EAD FAQ (6-12-08)
 USCIS to Issue Two-Year Employment Authorization Documents (6-12-08)
 How Do I Get a Travel Document? (Advance Parole)
 USCIS Civil Surgeons Locator
 USCIS Regulation on Travel by Persons in H/L Status Who Have Applied for Adjustment of Status (11-01-07)   PDF
 USCIS Announces Direct Filing Instructions for Forms I-129F, I-131, I-140, I-360, I-485, I-765, and I-907 (6-21-07)   PDF
 USCIS Announces Flexible Response Times for Notices of Intent to Deny and Requests for Evidence (4-12-07)   PDF
 USCIS Announces Flexible Response Times for Notices of Intent to Deny and Requests for Evidence (4-12-07)   PDF
 USCIS Memo: FBI Name Checks Policy and Process Clarification for Domestic Operations (12-21-06)   PDF
 USCIS Public Notice: Local Offices to Stop Processing and Producing EADs (7-28-06)   PDF
 USCIS Memo re: RFEs and NOIDs (2-16-05)   PDF
 Proposed Regulations re: RFEs and NOIDs (11-30-04)
 Regulations on Direct Mail Submission of I-485s, I-765s and I-131s (11-19-04)
 Regulation Extending Validity Period of EADs (7-30-04)   PDF
  USCIS Memo: Determination of Ability to Pay under 8 CFR 204.5(g)(2) - (5-04-04)   PDF
 Concurrent Filing FAQ
 INS Memo on Concurrent Filing When Visa Petition is Denied (2-28-03)   PDF
 INS Memo Re: Hs and Ls Who Work After Entering on Advance Parole (5-16-00)
 Adjustment of Status Experiences

AILF Practice Advisories Regarding Adjustment of Status

  Adjustment of Status of 'Arriving Aliens' Under the Interim Regulations: Challenging the BIA's Denial of a Motion to Reopen, Remand, or Continue a Case (4-16-07)  PDF
  USCIS Adjustment of Status of 'Arriving Aliens' with an Unexecuted Final Order of Removal (Amended 3-14-07)   PDF
  'Arriving Aliens' and Adjustment of Status: What is the Impact of the Government's Interim Rule of May 12, 2006? (Updated 10-3-06)   PDF

Direct Mail Program

 USCIS Direct Mail Program - Federal Register Notice (11-19-04)

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